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Access to care funding is calculated using a framework (used by way of an assessment tool) set out by the government to see if and how much funding a client should have.

Depending on your condition, you will either be eligible for social care funding or health care funding. Although there are many more duties a care and support worker does now than what they did in the past by way of extended roles, depending on the type and level of your condition, you will either be social care funded, health care funded or self funded.

It is in the pipeline for social care and healthcare to come together and form a unitary service under a possible new government strategy. We will be monitoring its progress of the Integrated care and support scheme to ensure seamless care is delivered to all of our new and existing clients.

For help and advice on social care or health care funding, please don’t hesitate to call us. Alternatively ask for a brochure or to request a visit.


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We are one of the leading providers of support for individuals with disabilities, complex care needs and adults needing support to maintain an independent life.

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