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Living life to the full with a spinal injury

The spinal cord communicates two-way messages to and from the brain and skin, muscle and organs of your body. When your spinal cord is damaged it interrupts the flow of messages, leading to the loss of movement and/or sensation in different parts of the body. The extent of this depends on where the spinal cord has been damaged in relation to the vertebrae of the back and to the level of injury, known as complete or incomplete.

Aside from the physical impact, spinal cord injury can have a significant psychological impact on the person with the injury and their family. Depression and anxiety are not uncommon in those affected by spinal cord injury with many people feeling that the things most important to them in life may never be the same. [Source: Backup trust]

With this in mind, our spinal injury training focuses on the whole family embracing the relationship between the client, the carer, mums, dads and siblings etc. We feel that spinal cord injury training is a 50/50 split between the social aspect and the medical aspect. Our trainers all have extensive experience of working with people who have such conditions and believe that people with a spinal cord injury can still live a full and exciting life as someone without one!

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